You have just learned that you will temporarily lose your hair as a result of chemotherapy treatments. Sylvie and Ronald understand what you are going through and know what your hair represents for you. These hair image experts will advise you and reproduce exactly your hair, if that’s what you want.

Whether you are correcting hair loss or want to transform your look, you can choose a wig and entrust it to a specialist who will give it the style that suits you. Your new hair will perfectly reflect your look.

Know that we receive you in private cabins. You will be able to see what suits you best in comfort and privacy. You do not want to come alone? Come accompanied, it will be our pleasure to meet the person who will be at your side.

If you opt for a natural hair wig, we will reproduce for you a cut and a style identical to those of your usual hairstyle. Ronald, a hair image specialist with more than 35 years of experience, will put his expertise, his passion and his know-how to contribute to personalize your new hair to your image. In addition, he will advise you in order to adapt your new hair to your physiognomy, your complexion and the color and density of your hair. The latter plays a leading role in the final look. This element gives the illusion that your wig is actually your real hair.

If you choose a synthetic hair wig, you will benefit from our wide range and a choice out of the ordinary. You will find the model that suits you and we will make the adjustments on the spot. You will get a wig that is both comfortable and comfortable to wear. Reduce your stress to a minimum: entrust your head to the specialists of the capillary image of Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion. We will help you feel better about yourself.

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