Wondering who are the hair image specialists are? The beautiful adventure of Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion began in 1982 with the opening of a first hair salon in Deux-Montagnes by Sylvie Ratté and Ronald Plante (photo above). Two years later, the house celebrates the opening of a second establishment. It will be located in Saint-Eustache, still on the north shore of Montreal.

The following year, Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion expands and opens a new location. This time, it is a more inclusive beauty concept that combines hairdressing with massage therapy and beauty services.

The year 1994 marks a new development in the epic of Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion. The clinic elected home on Île-Bizard and once again improves its service offering, adding, among other things, the full range of care for the prevention and correction of hair health problems. Over the years, Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion will become a leading avant-garde house in this field. It should be noted that Sylvie and Ronald are also owners of FUR scalp micropigmentation, mainly services for men.

The years have passed, but the taste for excitement and passion that drives the professionals of Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion have remained intact. Book an appointment with them! Come and discover who they are and understand why they are the undisputed leader in their field by calling on the services of hair specialists of Clinique Mon Cheveu/Discrétion.